Finnish metalheads' H&M prank causing worldwide stir

25. maaliskuuta 2015 15:29

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The Swedish retail-clothing giant H&M released a clothing line around fabricated band profiles and then these bands’ music and spin-off products began appearing all over the Internet.

It has led many people to believe that the brilliant viral video campaign was launched by H&M but it turned out to be a prank by a record label called Strong Scene Productions.

Ilta-Sanomat has learnt that ”Strong Scene Productions” group include members of metal band Finntroll. One of them is Henri Sorvali who denies being solely responsible.

– No way. It’s not possible to accomplish this alone in a few days. My name was connected to this because I promoted it on Twitter!, Sorvali told Ilta-Sanomat.

– Maybe I’ve done something. I don’t know how to use video editing software but of course I can create songs.

– You could call this culture jamming. It has nothing to do with funny trolling but there’s no political or commercial ideology in the background either. It’s meant to open the debate whether a huge corporate brand can use and rob aesthetics of a certain subculture. In a way, it’s cherry-picking.

According to Sorvali the campaign was designed by a large Nordic group. It consists of dozens of people in the music and media industries.

H&M marketing director for Finland Tiina Miettinen emphasized that the company has nothing to do with the campaign.

Meanwhile, the joke continues. Tuska Open Air Metal Festival announced that the fabricated bands, such as Blast and Mortus, will perform this summer in Helsinki.


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